It’s with great sadness but appropriate caution that I inform you we will be postponing physical show dates for my upcoming Duality Tour across the US/Canada, originally scheduled from April-June. This is due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the effects this may have on health and safety, travel and the tour as a whole. 


I'm grateful to say that the venues are working with us to reschedule new dates for Sept/Oct as we speak. Some are already rescheduled and you'll find those new dates below. It will naturally take some time to get all of our original locations locked in, so bare with us on that.



As I also planned virtual shows alongside the tour via the Virtual Tour Pass, these live streamed performances will still go ahead, as well as alongside the physical shows when we come to reschedule them for later this year.


Those already with a Virtual Pass will have access to virtual concerts across the original dates for April-June AND the virtual dates we run alongside the rescheduled physical tour later this year.


Those who bought physical tickets, you will be refunded at this time and for select shows we will also be giving you a free Virtual Tour Pass as a courtesy to enjoy the virtual concerts. I hope to see you at the rescheduled dates in-person later this year too! 

We believe this is the sensible step to take. I’ll keep you informed of our rescheduled dates when everything is in place. We’ve taken a big hit here... As devastating as this is... I will make it happen again for you. 💪🏻


In the meantime, if you’d like to support me via the virtual shows still going ahead, Virtual Tour Passes are available below!


This is so upsetting but nothing can be done. I feel for the multiple artists and bands worldwide that will be going through the same. 


I hope you join me for the virtual shows and I hope you understand our decision ❤️💙

Grab a virtual front seat for yourself for select livestreamed shows of the tour with the Virtual Tour Pass.

Every purchase supports Emma and her music directly. A portion of every purchase will be donated to One Tree Planted who'll be planting one tree for every virtual ticket sold!

You may also gift any amount of Virtual Tour Passes to friends and the community to enjoy the shows & perks together.



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