Infusing undeniably anthemic pop melodies with brave and beautiful storytelling, British songwriter and award nominated artist Emma McGann is set to tour the US later this year in 2020.

From etching bold lyrics in the back of school textbooks to earning recognition from fierce female forces in the industry, including Kyle Minogue, Nancy Sinatra and Beth Hart, Emma is a shining example of how to rock the boat as a self-made artist in the age of independence.


‘Fantastic!’ - Kylie Minogue

‘Emma McGann has sweetness, with an edge’
- Nancy Sinatra


Her journey has seen her earn BBC Radio 1
airplay and features on air and at festivals, nominations for various awards in the U.S.
including 3 Shorty Awards and an iHeartRadio
Music Award in 2017, a successfully
fan-funded album via Kickstarter, well over
11 million views across her music livestreams
to date… and all as an artist waving the
independent flag. Intertwining tech with her
music at every turn, recent years have seen
McGann explore virtual reality, crypto-based livestreaming applications and even her very own Amazon Alexa Skill which fans can interact with. 

Embracing her inner-misfit, Emma has
passionately carved a non-traditional path of her
own as a DIY artist in order to connect and grow
her audience in a powerful and meaningful way. Priding herself on breaking down the traditional
wall between the artist and the audience,
McGann’s TEDx Talk explains the importance of including her viewers and supporters in her
journey as a hybrid music artist and online


“Carving a non-traditional route for my music is at the core of what I do. I like to go against the grain and jump into unchartered territory. It's hugely important to me not only as a DIY artist but as a woman in this industry, that my story and my voice is heard.

   One of my aims is to empower young women picking up a guitar for the first time and show them that there are no limits to how far they can go on their own and they don’t have to follow suit with anyone else - they can do their own thing, in their own way and still thrive.”

Also a YouTuber, Emma was selected as a YouTube NextUp Alumni (London) in 2017 and centres her content around songwriting, lifestyle and music videos for fans to enjoy.

Crafting songs that inspire bravery and encourage us to celebrate our imperfections, Emma’s performances convey an infectious charisma entwined with vibrant pop sensibility and are a refreshing flash of colour in a world of same old, same old.