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VT Pass holders get exclusive access to every livestreamed show on the US Tour 2022. As well as this, pass holders also get the additional perks as listed to the right.

Virtual Passes are also available to purchase as gifts for others.

Please note: Physical additional perks for the US Tour in 2022 have now been fulfilled. VT Pass purchases past Aug 19th 2022 will not receive the physical postcard perk shown below. 

🎥  Livestream Access

🎸  'Your Name' on Emma's Guitar Case

🌲   Every purchase plants a tree

💌  Handwritten Postcard from the road

🚗  Collaborative Roadtrip Playlist 

🖼️  Wallpaper/Artwork from each city

👕  Merch discount (All items)

👑  Discord 'Roadie' Role Access

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Already got your pass? Login here

Your Virtual Tour pass gives you full archive access to every livestreamed show on the US Tour. 

Please Note: VT Passes purchased after Aug 19th will not receive the 'Handwritten Postcard' as this perk has already been fulfilled.

Buy One for You

Gift a Tour Pass to the Community

Want to support Emma directly and give other members from the community a Virtual Pass?

Gift any amount of Virtual Tour Passes and enjoy the shows & perks together. These can be gifted in one of two ways:

1. Community Pot

Your Gifted Virtual Passes are donated to the Community Pot. Members of will be selected at random to receive a donated pass before every virtual show. These members will be emailed details of the gifted Virtual Pass after a daily Community Pot draw. 

2. Your Chosen Recipients

Alternatively, at checkout Gifters can add the emails of  recipients they would like to personal choose to receive their Gifted Tour Passes. Recipients will receieve an email notification of their gift and details to redeem the perks that come with every Virtual Tour Pass.

If you'd like to be recognised for your gift or donated passes, ensure that you enter your name/nickname on checkout. You can also choose to donate anonymously of course!

As a thank you for supporting Emma directly you will recieve a Discord badge - Community Gifter.

As well as receiving all perks that come with each Pass, gifters that make more than 5 purchases to the community unlock the following rewards for themselves:

  • Virtual Tour Pass

    Duality Tour 2020: Emma McGann
    • 🎥 Exclusive Livestream Show Access
    • 🎸 'Your Name' on Emma's Guitar Case
    • 🌲 One Tree Planted With Every Purchase
    • 💌 Handwritten Postcard from the Road
    • 🚗 Collaborative Roadtrip Playlist Access
    • 🖼️ Wallpaper Artwork from Every City
    • 👕 Merch Discount Access
    • 👑 Discord 'Roadie' Role Access

Pass Perks

Gifters Rewards


POSTCARDS: Postcards from LA, Dallas, Nashville & New York have now been sent. Keep your eyes open in your mailbox!
NAME ON GUITAR CASE: This perk will be fufilled in the returning week after tour. Pass holders will be notified by email when any related livestreams fulfilling this perk are scheduled. Clear photos of the final case will be shared on email also!
WALLPAPERS: Coming Aug 26th. Downloadable links will be available on this page.
LIVESTREAM ACCESS: All US Virtual Shows are now available to rewatch from the archive here.

Have a question about one of your perks? Contact Us.


I'm so thrilled to share that I'm partnering with One Tree Planted who are helping to plant one tree for every Virtual Tour Pass sold for the Duality Tour! 

Giving back to nature is personally very important to me and One Tree Planted not only help plant trees worldwide, but also raise awareness about the importance of sustainability to motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment.

Let's plant something together for future
generations to enjoy! 


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