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‘The Monsterverse’ EP is an immersive world of songs where the listener is cast as the main character, exploring new worlds and battling with their own monsters they encounter along the way.

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You've enlisted in the MONSTER WATCH, a secret group who report monster sightings across multiple dimensions across the 'Monsterverse'.
You've set up camp in a safehouse to keep out of sight.

To travel, a portal in your safehouse takes you to the latest sighting. 
It's powered by crystal shard 'eyes' of the monsters themselves. You must retrieve these shards on your journey to continue exploring. 


Timeline Start
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EP 1.png

Your first portal-jump transports you to a parking lot of an abandoned motel.

The fog is thick. There's no human life in sight. But you feel you're not alone.

You must find a shard and return home safely...


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Episode 1
Monsters Video

You jump back through the portal just in time.
You've brought back your first shard. This will power the portal for your next adventure

While waiting for the next monster sighting report to come in, you sense you're not alone. You've been followed... 


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A monster followed you back through the portal to your safehouse.
It takes a swipe and sends you flying back... but you fall through the floor.

You've no-clipped into the Backrooms. You open your eyes to a dimly lit hallway.

The monsters are here too... you have to escape.


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Episode 2


EP 3.png

You tumble back into the safehouse. A close call but you escape...

Time has passed. Days... maybe months. Your safehouse is overgrown & ransacked no doubt by the monster who followed you back here. It's nowhere in sight... but it took the shard you left behind. 

Thankfully, you found another before finding a way back. You boot up the portal and jump in, landing at an abandoned church. You feel an eerie chill in the air. You must find a shard and return back safely...


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Anyone Else
HEX Video
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EP 4.png

You make it back to the safehouse once more. But you know you can't remain there much longer.
With each portal jump, years seem to pass. Your safehouse is now uninhabitable and hidden under the overgrowth of vines and foliage that's creeped its way into the building over time.

You're left with one shard. One shard, one portal jump, one last chance to find your way back home.



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Single Artwork by Osian Jenaer


RPG Game

MonsterverseRPG is a free, multiplayer RPG (role playing game) Discord bot where players can battle monsters, unlock rare items and level up on the community leaderboards.

Based on Emma McGann's upcoming EP release, players progress both solo and in teams to gain XP, gold and levels by 'Monster hunting' through 4 unique worlds. Players become the main character, interacting with the worlds seen throughout the music video episodes of the Monsterverse EP.

Want to be a Beta tester? Join Emma's Discord Channel for updates on upcoming testing periods. It'd be great to have you on board.

Available Now




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