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Top 20 cuddly breeds that would bring positivity in your life - 2022 Guide

After the loss of someone special, your mental health might constantly deteriorate. If you are suffering from mental stress or trauma, you must take care of yourself. Taking medication isn’t helpful if you don’t take positive steps in your life. The best therapy for you might be an emotional support animal. Talk to a mental health professional and get the required documents to legally own an emotional support animal letter.

Where to begin

If you have just thought about getting an ESA, you need to select the right animal, age, and species. After being diagnosed by a mental health professional, it takes about 1 week for the ESA letter to arrive at your doorstep. Before you buy the esa, you need to have some food, toys, and a hospitable environment ready. It might take them some time to adjust to their new homes so being patient is the key. After the ESA is happily settled, buy better toys and food that they like by trial and error.


Taking care of both cats and dogs may seem like a tough job in the beginning but you’ll get used to it. As the owner, you have to constantly provide your new companion with food, treats, affection, exercise, grooming, and toys. Getting a snuffle mat for dogs is a good idea because it is known to stimulate their minds. Make sure to cut their nails, bathe them, and trim their hair whenever necessary.

Top 20 cuddly dog breeds that make perfect ESAs

From an emotional support perspective, the dog you buy has to be cuddly, playful, loyal, and affectionate. After a hard day, seeing them wag their tails in excitement should make all your mental stress disappear. If your life isn't very busy, get a young dog breed that is energetic, affectionate, and requires a lot of attention. Some of the most affectionate dog breeds have been mentioned below. It is highly recommended that you select an esa letter for housing from one of the following:

  1. Pug

  2. British Rough Collie

  3. Shih Tzu

  4. Golden Retriever

  5. French Bulldog

  6. Dalmatian

  7. Siberian Husky

  8. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  9. Poodle

  10. Great Dane

  11. Labrador Retriever

  12. Yorkshire Terrier

  13. Bichon Frise

  14. German Shepherd Shih Tzu

  15. Rottweiler

  16. American Pitbull Terrier

  17. Shiba Inu

  18. Beagle

  19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  20. Golden Retriever

What to look for in the ideal ESA

Energy level

  • A young dog is always more energetic and requires constant companionship.

  • If you are not very busy, get a younger dog and spend hours playing with it.

  • Pit bulls, Golden retrievers, and German shepherds are usually very physically active.

  • They would require you to go on long walks and play games such as fetch.


  • There are two allergies to consider: yours and the dog’s.

  • It is better to get a hypoallergenic breed e.g., a Shih Tzu or a Poodle.

  • If you are allergic to dog fur, get a less fluffy dog e.g., a Pug.

  • Your dog shouldn’t have many allergies because Vets are expensive.

Average age

  • There are countless 'dog to human years' converters available online.

  • You need to be fully aware of the average age of your dog species.

  • Smaller sized dogs usually live longer e.g., Corgis and Bichon Frises.

  • You can take extra care of your dog to extend its life.


ESAs are animals that act as therapy for your mental health. By playing, cuddling, and grooming them, a lot of your worries can disappear. If you are still confused about whether to get an ESA or not, you should consult ESA owners online and ask their opinion. They will surely state that getting an ESA was the best decision. For more information, do visit visit

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