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Friendliest dog breeds that would return your love - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals are your companions in your darkest days. As it is clear from the name, an ESA, helps you recover from mental trauma. The affection and love from an ESA can act as therapy for the owners. If you believe that owning an esa letter for housing will be a great responsibility that you might fail to overtake, ask questions from ESA owners online. There is no need to wait; contact an online mental health professional and request them to draft the document for you.

First step

Before you decide on the best dog breed to get, you need the required documents. Contact your psychologist or any mental health professional online and get your ESA Letter at your doorstep within a week. During this week, you have to decide what animal and what species best suits your living standards. If you are an energetic individual yourself, get a small energetic dog to match your energy. Likewise, if you are a busy person, get an old lazier dog.

What to do when your dog arrives?

You need to have food, water, containers, some toys, and shelter available from day 1. With time you will start to learn what kind of food your dog really appreciates. Give your dog a few days to adjust to this new lifestyle and take care of all their basic needs. Snuffle mat for dogs, bone toys, tennis balls, and massagers can be bought from Amazon. These toys will mentally stimulate the dog and keep him/her entertained.

Friendliest dog breeds to get as ESAs

An ESA will keep you company and help you mentally recover, so get a dog that brings you joy by just looking at it. You need to carry out thorough research regarding the friendliest dogs that are available in your area. A list of the most affectionate dog breeds has been mentioned along with some important properties. Analyze the emotional support animal letter list and make up your mind.


  • Small-sized dogs that are very energetic

  • They are very obedient and thus can be trained easily

  • They are one of the most beautiful (aesthetic) dogs to get

  • They demand a lot of attention so don’t get a corgi if you won’t be able to fully care for it

Labrador Retriever

  • Medium-sized dogs that are very friendly

  • They are quick learners and adapters so they will adjust to their new lifestyle almost immediately

  • They can also be trained quickly at a young age

  • They are available in multiple colors so you can choose whichever one you like


  • Pugs may not be the most attractive but they are fun to look at

  • They are excellent at detecting your emotions

  • If you are sad, they will try to cheer you up and if you’re angry, they will try to stay away

  • Training them is not as easy as other breeds so keep that in mind


  • This dog breed is perhaps the fanciest

  • They are also one of the smartest dog species

  • They are very obedient and thus training them is easy

  • They may come with a heavy price tag so buy a poodle only if you can afford it

German Shepherd

  • These large dogs are renowned for their loyalty and love

  • Their high intelligence makes them trainable

  • German Shepherds are the best companions for long walks

  • These dogs are very physically active so you need to exercise them and take them on walks regularly


You should conduct a lot of research before finalizing your dog breed. Buy a dog that is trainable, energetic, and young so that it interacts with you. Do not get a dog that is very high-maintenance because it will consume too much of your time. What are you even waiting for? Consult a professional and ask for the required documents immediately. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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