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In the choice of power inverter for home, how to grasp the power of household inverter, is a problem that needs to be considered carefully, which mainly has seven types of electrical appliances in the choice of power inverter for home power, need to refer to the following configuration requirements.

1, electric wire and light bulbs, solar lamps and other pure electrical resistance

The power of these appliances is divided by 0.9. For example, for a 100W bulb, 100 divided by 0.9 is 111. It can be safely used with a 120W inverter.

2. Television

Television is divided into two kinds, one is the liquid crystal, one is the picture tube. For LCD TV, as long as the power of the TV target 2 times the inverter can be. For example: LCD TV standard 100W, equipped with 300W inverter can be absolutely used. For the television OF picture tube, because CAPACitive, degaussing coil is equivalent to a perceptual load, impact force is very strong, generally by 10 times the peak value calculation. For example, 100W, 1000W peak value, and more than 500W inverter can be driven.

3, computer

LCD monitor computer, according to the purchase of LCD TV point plus 90W power selection (computer host power), if it is the picture tube, according to the selection of display nominal power to calculate its peak power plus 90W (host power is generally within 90W) selection. Of course, you can also directly use a 500W inverter, absolutely no problem.

4, drill

Three times the peak value, for example, 500W, 1500W with an 800W inverter, 1500W with a 3000W inverter.

5, and air conditioning

The non-frequency conversion is calculated as 7 times the peak value, and the frequency conversion is calculated as 4 times the peak value. For example, if the air conditioning is 1000W per hour, 7 times is 7000W, and the peak value of 3500W inverter is just 7000W. The frequency conversion is calculated by 4 times, the peak value of 1000W is 4000W, and the peak value of 2000W inverter is just 4000W, so the frequency conversion is also used to 2000W.

6, small power appliances

Generally do not have to consider too much, because a 100W inverter market price is only 70 yuan, general household appliances such as television, computer, audio, light tube these electrical appliances, equipped with a 500W can be.

7. Special purpose household appliances

The so-called special purpose electrical appliances, such as juicer, blender, hammer drill, air conditioning, refrigerator and other electrical appliances, are very difficult to choose. The power of the inverter is 3-7 times that of the electrical power.

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