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Kickstarter Goal Reached!

Over 220 of you came together to support my upcoming album 'B.R.A.V.E' through Kickstarter and I'm so happy and proud to say that we not only reached our goal, but surpassed it by a HUGE amount - so thank you! My gratitude for your help is endless.

'B.R.A.V.E' is a full length pop album that echoes themes of adventure, love and discovery - inspired by personal life stories and spurred on by the very people who I've written it for - the supporters. The writing process started around 2-3 years ago. I’d slowly began writing in between my job as a graphic designer and livestreamer. It wasn't until last January that I recognised my writing had fallen into an alignment - the stories and songs I had written felt connected to one another.

Thank you for your incredible support. Let's make an album together! #Kickstarter #BRAVE #Album


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