'Intensive Care Society' Fundraiser Album

Having written 10 new original songs during the first 10 days of lockdown in the UK, Emma has uploaded this mini-album of live acoustic tracks (called 'Jungle Tapes') to Bandcamp and is donating 100% of the proceeds to the Intensive Care Society in the UK. Jungle Tapes: Volume #1 is an album of raw, live takes of 10 songs written over 10 days during a country-wide lockdown in the wake of COVID-19.

All proceeds made will be donated to the Intensive Care Society

The full album is £8 but please feel free to add on as much as you like to your donation.

Written and recorded live in her neon jungle home studio, these 10 songs were written originally as a part of a creative writing exercise called the 10 Songs challenge, in which Emma would write one new original song every day following daily writing prompts. The challenge was rebooted during the quarantine period to encourage her audience to stay creative and try the challenge out at home too.

About the Intensive Care Society

Your donations to ICS will enable them to provide digital platforms to support the relaying of critical care guidance and information on the management of patients with COVID-19; resources to help sustain wellbeing through this unprecedented time and beyond; care packages to units containing every day items such as nutritious on-the-go snacks and amenities so that teams can have items to sustain them through long hours and much more.


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