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10 Songs Challenge

To celebrate the release of my first songwriting e-book I'm inviting you all to take my 10 Songs Challenge!

The challenge is designed for songwriters of any level - from beginners to the advanced. I hope it's a refreshing exercise that will test your creative writing skills. Follow the daily briefs below to get started. You'll see I've taken part too!

Try to spend at least one hour on each daily writing task with the aim of completing the songs structure before the next tasks begins... and don't forget, it's meant to be a fun process!

I'll be available via Twitter to answer questions and give help where I can. Tweet using the hashtag #10SongsChallenge


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Ferriss Timothy
Ferriss Timothy
May 07

That sounds like a fantastic retro bowl challenge!


Dimitri Pollich
Dimitri Pollich
Apr 09

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